Teachers and Student Time

31. August 2017

Students spend 5 to 8 hours time with Teachers for 8 to 10 months . every students should take advantage of this duration. because this time creates your career and decides what you are going to do in future. Teachers can't give all knowledge to students due to lack of time . It's students right to take knowledge as much as teacher knows. If...

Defining Teacher

19. August 2017

Teacher deserve important role in person's life . because only teacher teach history ,present and tell future . Parents only nourish the children but teacher teaches , fills knowledge. teacher
is equally responsible in person's life as parents. so every person should respect teachers. if student irritates and feel bore from teacher then...

Top 10 most literate countries

18. August 2017

1. Finland 2. Norway 3. Iceland 4. Denmark 5. Sweden 6. Switzerland 7. US 8. Germany 9. Latvia 10. Netherlands

India is having 72.1% Literacy Rate .

10 Qualities of Good Tutor

18. August 2017

1. Patience 2. Skill 3. Ability to Teach 4. Ability to Put People at Ease 5. Maturity 6. Persistence 7. Commonsense 8. Morality 9. Good Hygiene 10. Passion

Fear of Exam , It's natural

29. July 2017

When students listen the name Exam they do fear . but no need to worry . it's natural and common thing in all human being. even in our epics it is said that God fear from the exam itself . but to remove the hesitation from exam , every student should overcome on this fear. students must be prepare mentally and be confident and try to be happy...