Be Confident Tutor

20. July 2017

When things are known perfectly then tutor seems confident. But when it comes to tutor if he is fresher/new specially when tutor has to explain things in classroom then other things makes confident loose. But it shouldn't be subject of worry .. it happens with everyone . this problem is called "hesitation" . but it can be solved. It...

More Tutor , More Literacy

18. July 2017

I know you understood my mean. These days we can see private education become costly . It's not affordable easily . If there will be lot of tutors then it may cheaper. everyone know if things are much and demand is less hen it become cheaper. but demand is much and things are less then it remains costly. ImpTutor will provide lot of...

College Student Likes Part Time Jobs

05. July 2017

These days many college students study away from home. It is being expensive . so they plan to do part time job but they don't get good platform to get part time job . has provided tremendous solution for that . Part time job specially teaching job is better that other jobs. Because they can teach 2-4 hours and they can earn...

Teaching is better than all other job

26. June 2017

Many people accepts that teaching is better job . Because In this profession teachers get good amount of holidays .. teachers can celebrate every festival and national holidays even they are doing job in private or government school or colleges ... Teachers also can enjoy long summer vacations . A teacher can live very much social life and...

Communication of Students and Tutors

25. June 2017

Communication is very important for everything. If tutors teaches students then students should know the level of students and from the student level tutor should start teaching. And student's responsibility is to give focus on study while tutor is teaching . and Presence of mind is very important if students have doubt at the end of session...