When to Call Tutor

01. June 2017

If Students performing well in study and getting expected marks in each subject then it's very fine . But many students are not quick learner as they can't catch the topics of subjects in once. they require more time to understand so they require private tutor and there are of ot benifits to have private tutor . they can clear every doubt of...

Students may be Tutor

01. June 2017

Students also become tutors either they are in college or in high school . Students in college have spare time so they try to find part time job . As students to do part time job then Being Part time tutor is best option. With part time teaching they can teach and study their subjects as well as . And most important thing they can utilise...

Every tutor is important to the Development of World

01. June 2017

In world literacy rate is not 100% yet. So teachers are only who can make it 100% . All teachers are asked to give 100% passing result of their students. But many teachers can't reach that target. because students also becomes lazy don't think importance of education . So in world all tutors should be respected becuase tutors/teachers are only...

Teachers are Superior

01. June 2017

Person takes birth after few years meet to teachers. Teachers show the real world and make feel of different things. Teachers creates base of our live.